Attractions of the town

The Venetian harbour

In the old town of Rethymno is the Venetian harbour with its paved streets and the old walls. Along the sea side there are noumerous fish restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy your meal or drink with the view of the small fishing boats that come and go.


The Fortress of Rethymno dominates above the city by the old town and along the west side of the city. Its significant size for that small town is unique. Walking in the fortress walls you can admire the breathtaking view of the town, the sea and the beautiful sunset as well as the small outdoors theater inside the fortress where various plays and concerts take place during the summer.

The Archaeological Museum

Right opposite the Fortress entrance is the archaeological museum of Rethymno which hosts findings from the Neolithic to the Roman times. Items found in the wider area of the prefecture of Rethymno that highlight the quality of the Cretan culture through time.

The old town

Underneath the fortress and around the Venetian harbour the small picturesque paved streets of the old town will remind you of an era long gone. The traditional local architecture with its wooden balconies and the small shops with local products and souvenirs will transport you back to the older days.

The Neratze Mosque and Minaret

The Neratze mosque was known as the church of Santa Maria during Venetian times. During the Turkish occupation the roof was replaces with three small domes and a minaret was added. Today the mosque is used for lectures, concerts and theater performances.

Local open air market

Three times a week there is a local open air market in the city with delicious fresh local fruit and vegetables. There are also various local products sold there in good prices such as honey, cheese, herbs etc.