Daily tours

Arcadi Monastery

23km southeast of Rethymno is the monastery of Arkadi. The most significant monastery for Cretans as during the Turkish occupation the locals that found shelter there when the Turks tried to invade the monastery they blew themselves and many of the Turks up in order not to be captured by them.

Margarites Village

27km east of Rethymno is one of Crete's main pottery village. A characteristic Cretan village with long tradition in handmade pottery where you can visit noumerous workshops and see the whole process of pottery making. You can buy all kinds of useful kitchenware or decorative items.

Bali Village

Half an hour drive east of Rethymno is Bali, a small seaside village with a tiny bay where you can swim in its calm waters and have fresh fish for lunch.


Georgioupoli Village - Kournas Lake

Half an hour drive west of Rethymno is Georgioupoli, a seaside village with many hotels but with a beautiful long beach. You can either relax by the sea or take the local bus up to Kournas lake one of the biggest on the island. The visitors of the lake can swim or rent a seabike and wander around the lake where they can see turtles, ducks and birds.

Argiroupoli Village

Southwest of Rethymno from the national road to Chania lies Argiroupoli village. A picturesque village with many natural springs and lush vegetation.

Preveli Monastery - Preveli Beach

40km south of Rethymno sits on the rocky hills of Prevely canyon right above Preveli beach this beautiful monastery. Besides its religious importance it has played a big role during world war II as the monks have provided a shelter to the Cretan soldiers and our allies. A small path right outside the monastery leads down to the beautiful palm beach of Preveli.

Plakias - Agia Galini

Both these villages are located on the south side of Rethymno by the sea. Fish villages worth visiting with magnificent beaches

Triopetra - Damnoni - Fragkokastello

These are some of the noumerous beautiful beaches on the south side of the prefecture of Rethymno. Each with its own unique landscape that are famous in Crete.


Knossos Palace - Archaeological Museum of Heraklion

85km east of Rethymno just outside the city of Heraklion is the worldwide known ancient Palace of Knossos. This unique for its architecture site was residence of the mythical king Minos. In Heraklion you can visit the archaeological museum which is one of the largest and most important ones of Greece and Europe.

Samaria Gorge

Samaria Gorge is the biggest and most visited gorge in Europe. 18km long starting from Omalos village down to Agia Roumeli village on the south. It is a long walk but of a unique beauty with the high rocks surrounding it. It is a national park since 1962 as it is also a refuge of the rare kri-kri goat.