Green Hospitality

"Green" hospitality

Οur hotel is helping to create a greener environment by applying the following actions:
* Solar water heaters with fully insulated pipes
* Energy saving lights (LED) throughout the hotel
* Magnetic key cards for the prevention of pointless energy loss in the rooms (with the exception of the mini fridge)
*Special nozzles on all showers and faucets for saving water
* Close circuit connected to the air condition when balcony doors are open to prevent energy loss
* Connected to the biological cleaning of waste water system of the city
* Recycling of all recyclable materials like glass, paper, plastic, aluminium, batteries and lamps
* Certified biodegradable and eco-friendly detergents used for the cleanliness of the whole building
*Body wash, shampoo and soap dispensers used instead of non re-usable bathroom amenities.
*All the rooms are equiped with double-glazing balcony doors.